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BAP Fansign fan account (23 March 2013)

(BAP fansign 23 march 2013. Fan account)

I luckily got chosen after buying 10 albums because they put your name in a box and pick 150 people at random, anyways..

So I arrived there at around 5.30pm and I stood in a line to collect my number and I was number 48.

Then they let us go inside the hall at 6pm and I waited for an hour and then the staff told us that BAP are running late because of traffic (and coming from Music Core to the fansign place is pretty far).

At around 7.10pm someone picked out from the curtain and it was Jongup! Jongup and Yongguk took turns in walking out then walking back in to tease the fans ; ;

Then the fansign began with Babyz taking photos and Youngjae was like “Are you all reporters? Is this a press conference?” sobs that cutie OTL

I waited for my turn and I was so nervous that by the time it was my turn, I had no idea what to talk to them about. It just disappeared out of my mind.

Yongguk: Hello~

Me: Hello ; ;

Yongguk: -signs then looks up- Juyoung?

Me: -nods- ; ;

Yongguk: -continues to sign- Here you go Juyoung~

Me: -hands him a sticky note that says “I’ve lived in Africa, Malawi my whole life, would you like to visit once? 1: Yes  2: No”-

Yongguk: -Reads then eyes widens- Really??? Africa??

Me: Yes!

Yongguk: -ticks number 1- Where’s Malawi?

Me: Somewhere above South Africa!

Yongguk: Awesome~

Staff: Next

Yongguk+Me: -bows and says bye-

Daehyun: Hello~~

Me: Hello!

Daehyun: -signs- Juyoung? Juyoung? Juyoung?

Me: Mhmm ; A ;

Daehyun: Here you go!

Me: -gives him sticky note saying “Draw Youngjae!”-

Daehyun: -looks at Youngjae then looks at me- Youngjae?

Me: -smiles and nods-

Daehyun: -starts drawing and mumbles to himself- Youngjae… squishy Youngjae…

Youngjae: Huh?

Daehyun: -turns to Youngjae- You’re squishy so I’m drawing you squishy! -turns to me- Here you go~

Me: Thank you!! 

Daehyun+Me: -bows and says bye-

Youngjae: Hello Juyoung~

Me: Hello ; ;

Youngjae -starts signing then looks up at me- How old are you?

Me: The same age as you!

Youngjae: Really? College student? Are we friends?

Me: Yes yes and yes! ; A ; -hands him a sticky note saying global BAP blah blah, please write my friend’s name with a heart-

Youngjae: -looks at the global BAP part and nods approvingly- Thought so =w= -starts writing friend’s name proudly- Here you go~

Me: Thank you ; ; 

Youngjae+Me: -bows and says bye-

Jongup: -bows and smiles- 

Me: Hello~

Jongup: -silently starts signing- Here you go~

Me: -hands him a sticky note asking to guess what pokemon I like-

Jongup: -thinks, looks at me, thinks then writes “Togepi” (is that spelling right? Orz)-

Me: o A o 

Jongup: o u o

Me: -smiles and says bye-

Jongup: -does the same-

Zelo: -waves- ^^

Me: Hi ; w ; 

Zelo: -starts signing then looks up- How old are you?

Me: Try guessing!

Zelo: Um……… -looks at me with huge round eyes- I’m not sure, please tell me~

Me: 20 (Because Korean age)~

Zelo: -eyes widen- Really? You look a lot younger than your age! -quickly puts noona at the end of my name- Here you go Juyoung noona~

Me: Ah, thank you! -smiles and hands him post it similar to Youngjae’s-

Zelo: -writes friend’s name-

Me: Thank you! -says bye-

Zelo: -does the same-

Himchan: o 3 o

Me: hello!

Himchan: -looks at the sticky note saying something like get better, promise me you’ll come back as BAP soon, if you promise, please do aegyo-

Me: o - o

Himchan: -blinks then quickly stamps his sign (because he cant use his arm) then looks up at me- Aegyo? Should I show you aegyo?

Me: -nods- o u o

Himchan: >u< (<- seriously, it really did look like this skhbf)

Me: ; A ;

Staff: You should show him aegyo as well Juyoung-shi~

Me: I can’t do aegyo ; ;

Himchan: -looks at me- o - o

Me: … -does bunny aegyo before running off then coming back on to ask the staff to hand the presents to BAP because I forgot to give it to them and she said she will ; w ; )

And so time passed by with BAP doing aegyo (mostly Himchan XD) and in between Babyz were like “JUNG DAEHYUN!!!” and Daehyun was like “WHAAAAATT!!” it was so cute ; w ;

At the end, everyone kept shouting out the members name.

Youngjae: Everyone who talked informally to me stand up now! And also, did you all come to take pictures of get our signs?

Babyz: BOTH!!

Daehyun: No, he’s just joking, don’t stand up lololol. And it seems like today’s fansign was pretty quiet. I hope you all took nice photos! I’ll be checking up on them!

Youngjae: Have you all heard our album?

BAP: -laughs because Youngjae, what kind of a question is that sobs-

Youngjae: Which song do you like the best?


Youngjae: I see ^^

Daehyun: Thank you for coming to our fansign this late at night!

Youngjae: It’s 9.30pm, hurry up and go home!

Zelo: The press conference has ended~

Everyone: -laughs-

Youngjae: We shall end today’s BAP’s fansign, thank you~

Yongguk: We’re B

BAP: A, P YES SIR.Thank you!!!

And that’s it ; w ;  sorry for the long post OTL

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